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Sandra Mino
Psychology 1 & 2
Period 2

Our brain’s negative bias by Hara Estroff Marano is all about how we are our prone toreact to negative comments. The reason for this most researchers think is because we created it to keep us safe. So we could react to dangermore rapidly than if we didn’t have such a sensitivity to negative things. It goes on to say, that in a relationship there is a balance betweennegativity and positively and what separates healthy marriages to rocky ones in the balancing between positive and negative feelings toward eachother. Researchers have found a ratio of how much couples spend fighting vs. acting positive, that ratio is five to one. This mean as long asthere were interacting positively toward as much as they were fighting then the relationship was on good grounds. Its takes small amount ofpositively to overcome negative things.

I thought the article was very well written pulled the audience in with a good anecdote inthe beginning of the article. It could have used some quotes from real people to relate more to the article in stead of using a lot of examples.I think she/he could have gone more in depth with the type of research they were doing. I like the sense of humor in the articles how they usereal life experience to come across with the topic thats at hand. Overall, I thought the article was really good. NOT BORING AT ALL. (:
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