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Chapter 2 starts off with a cute little scene with Yuna dancing for the rest of the Gullwings. In order to pull off your performance, you'll have to get some musicians first. Luckily, Brother picked a couple of them up, they can be found in the Cabin. Talk to the large fellow with the drums, which will start a small game where you'll have to push all three musicians to the elevator. If youdidn't go to Moonflow during Chapter 1, Tolbi will also be present. You'll have to push him onto the elevator if he's there, but if you do you get the Cat Nip accessory, one of the most useful items in the game (if you know how to handle it). After you have gone through this, talk to Shinra and you'll be able to watch the sphere that you just took from New Yevon/Youth League at Kilika Island. After youwatch it, you'll have the choice of choosing between giving the sphere back to New Yevon, or giving it back to the Youth League. Deciding either side doesn't make that much of a different, but it contributes to your completion rating for the story. If you chose New Yevon, you'll have an active link in Bevelle for Chapter 3, while choosing the Youth League will have an active link in Mushroom RoadRock instead.

Once you have chosen which side to give the sphere back to, the scene will change from the Celsius to whatever side you chose. When you get back to your airship, you'll discover that Leblanc and her goons have snuck on board and have stolen the sphere that you found! It's time for some payback, and so your main mission for the chapter starts! Head to Guadosalam, the headquartersof the Leblanc Syndicate, and you'll find out that you can't enter unless you have a couple of uniforms to disguise yourselves with. Back on the Celsius, you'll have to visit various locations in the hopes of finding the uniforms you need.

Mount Gagazet - Uniform #1
Once you arrive at the mountain, talk to Kimahri and choose the first option, then talk to him again and choose the first optionagain. Head to the transporter behind him and you'll find yourself near the summit of the mountain. If you want, you can also climb the mountain without using the transporter in order to level up.
In any event, head up from your location in the cave and you'll eventually exit it and find two of Leblanc's soldiers wandering about before they spot you and run away. Start chasing them and you'lleventually find a save point. Save here and continue the chase. There are actually two paths you can choose from here. The first would be to follow the soldier after the save point. If you do this, a scene with the two soldiers will occur, and then you'll have to fight them and Ormi.
The other path you can choose is to continue climbing up the mountain by not taking the path that the female soldiertook, and instead going where she first came from. Eventually you'll reach a point where you can see the hot springs from a distance. A much better cutscene will happen here, and you'll get the uniform you were looking for. However, on the way down the mountain you'll have to fight Ormi and the two soldiers anyways, so choose the second option for a cheap thrill.

Djose Temple - Uniform #2
Headover to Djose Temple and then towards the crossroads that allow you to access the temple, Moonflow and Mushroom Road Rock. Talk to the hover operator and he'll tell you that the Leblanc Syndicate have taken over all of his rentals, so you'll have to walk by foot to Mushroom Road Rock. Walk in that direction and you'll eventually encounter two female Leblanc Syndicate soldiers. Follow them andeventually you'll find a sphere lying on the ground to acquire Yuna's Special Dressphere, Flora Follal . Pick that up and Ormi and Logos will show up to give you a fight.

Bikanel Desert - Uniform #3
Note: If you didn't visit Djose Temple or Bikanel Desert during Chapter 1, please reference the Djose Temple, Chapter 1 section of this guide to initiate this final quest.
After you have gotten...
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