Final warning letter

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Ref: Final Warning letter: Violation of (Company) Appropriate Behavior Policy

Mr. X,

This letter will serve to confirm the meeting held with you on (date). Thepurpose of the meeting was to discuss a series of conversations between you and another resident of (site) concerning the harassment and verbal abuse.

As mentioned in thismeeting, a complaint was made concerning your intent to threaten another resident of Punta Europa through verbal and physical abuse. An investigation was conducted to lookfurther into the matter. The result of the investigation concluded that while no physical threat actually occurred, this type of behavior is not acceptable and will not betolerated by (Company).

(Company) sincerely hopes this written warning, a copy of which shall be placed in your personnel file, will convince you of the need to beconscious of your words and actions toward others while conducting business and specifically on the (site). I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that no matter whatkind of disagreement or discussion transpires between two people there should never be any threat of violence, either verbal or physical.

Additionally, I have attachedthe (Company) Policy regarding Appropriate Behavior for your review. Please remember that the image we portray while on assignment, whether in the workplace or in a socialsetting, reflects directly on (Company) as well as the client we are performing services for.

Finally, any future behavior of this type and/or any retaliation or otheradverse consequences toward the complainant or anyone assisting in the investigation will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate termination of your contract.
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