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Spotlight - Inglés Especial

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PROGRAM 4401: War Pigeons (Palomas de la guerra)
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Voice 1 Welcome to Spotlight. I'm Mike Procter.

Voice 2 And I'm Anne Muir. Spotlight uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier for people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.

Voice 1 It was October of 1943, four years intoWorld War Two. A messenger named GI Joe was carrying an important message to army leaders. GI Joe had to deliver the message – it was urgent. The lives of over one hundred men depended on it. The men were a group of British army soldiers. Their fighting had gone well for them that day. And they had arrived early in this particular town in Italy.

Voice 2 But then, they remembered something! Beingearly could be deadly. American airplanes were coming to bomb the town. The air strike had been ordered while the town was still controlled by the enemy. The airmen did not know the British soldiers were now there. And during the fighting the British had lost their radio communication. GI Joe had to reach the army leaders quickly to stop the air raid.

Voice 1 GI Joe delivered the message onlyjust before the airplanes arrived. The airplanes turned back and the soldiers were saved. GI Joe was a hero. Three years later, he received an award for this act. The Lord Mayor of London gave GI Joe a war medal. Was GI Joe proud of this award? No-one really knows. You see, GI Joe was a bird! He was a pigeon.

Today's Spotlight tells the amazing story of carrier pigeons during World War Two.Voice 2 Many birds are able to find their way across huge distances, but pigeons offer a striking example. A pigeon is very good at finding its way back home after being released in a strange place – even a place several hundred kilometres away. No one fully understands how pigeons do this. However, experts believe that pigeons use the sun as a guide. They also believe that pigeons use theearth's magnetic field to establish direction – much like a sailor's compass. When pigeons get nearer to home they use their eyes to identify where they are going. Some experts believe pigeons also use their sense of smell.

Voice 1 Many people are amazed by pigeons' natural skill for finding their way home. Because of this, people in many parts of the world raise and race pigeons for sport. Pigeonowners keep their pigeons in small buildings called 'lofts'. The owners organise races and release their pigeons hundreds of kilometres away from home. The pigeon that returns to its loft at the highest speed wins the race.

Voice 2 At the beginning of World War Two, seven thousand of Britain's pigeon owners gave their pigeons to help in the war effort. The pigeons were message carriers....
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