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Working with your own flaws is not easy. It was kind of difficult for me working with my own flaws. I promised myself that I needed to work on my flaws if I want to be a better person today and a successful person in the future. I was conscious that for my own good, I should not break that promise. Every time that I was negative, thinking that I couldn’t keep that promise I started to controlmyself and the only thing that came to my mind was ‘‘you can do it’’, so when I was negative, thinking I can’t do it instead of trying and making an effort, I get carried away by that phrase that always my mom tells me, “ you can do it’’. I made a list of virtues that I wanted to accomplish and to replace them with my flaws. My virtues that I wanted to accomplish were being productive instead oflazy, optimist instead of insecure and to have patience instead of being impatient. The first virtue that I was working on was being productive. With the word productive I mean to study more, don’t spend so much time on my computer and don’t let important things that I have for the last minute. The worst flaw that a person could ever have is being lazy. Being lazy does not guarantees that you aregoing to make your goals come true. If a person works for what they want, and works for that dream that they want, then it may come true. I made a short list of things that I have to do every day; I thought that would help me to organize myself and to accomplish the virtue that I promised myself. Laziness is my worst flaw, I thought that it was impossible not to spend so much time on the computer, andnot leaving the things for the last minute but when I started to follow my ‘’To do List’’ I was so sure that I was going to improve. That list that I made helped me to achieve that goal, so I follow the calendar every single day, with my positive thought: ‘’you can do it’’.

In some aspects I am insecure. Taking my own decisions, I always depend on my friends or my mom. Since I was little mymom always told me that the best decision that a person can take is making what you feel, but I always have the problem of not doing what I really want. One of the others virtues that I wanted to accomplish this semester was being optimist instead of insecure. Almost always, when the guy I like ask me something I ask my mom or my best friend what should I answer. This semester I wanted to stop beinginsecure, to start being me, just to say what I want to say and not what other people say. I thought it was going to be very difficult for me to stop my insecurities, to start being a positive person and not depending on others opinion. When the guy I like asked me something I always call my mom or if she can’t answer me the question I call my best friend and she always have the answer. My momalways tell me to stop asking her and to be me, that also helped me to be more positive about myself and just do what I really want to do.

I thought that to stop that habit was going to be very difficult but when the guy I was dating for 3 months called me and said to me that he was moving to New York because he doesn’t like the university where he was attending, I, instead of putting him in muteand go ask my mom what I’m suppose to do with that difficult situation, I decided not to ask her and just do what I really feel is right for me. I told him that it was okay and that our relationship is over because I don’t believe in distance relationships. When I hang up I could not believe that I told him that but I sincerely did. Since that moment, I started thinking that I don’t need my momor my best friend to tell me what to do. Of course I can ask them for advice but not making their decisions instead of making my own decisions. I told my mom what I did, she was impressed that I did not ask her what to do in that hard moment, but she was happy for me because she always told me that one of the important things in life is being sure of what you want, and being sure of the decisions...
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