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1. Escribir las siguientes preguntas y contestarlas.

1. how long have you studied in this school?
I have studied ten years ago

2. how long have you lived in cundinamarca?I have lived fifteen yaar ago

3. do you like your school?
Yes, I like my school

4. what time do you finish school?
I finish my school at 3:00 o ´clock

5. what doyou do alter school?
I do my homeworks

6. do you enjoy studying english?
Yes, I do.

7. how long have you studied english?
I have studied thirteen years ago

8. doyou plan to continue learning english?
Yes, I do

9. do you hope to study abroad?
Yes, maybe

10. do you ever skip class?
No, I don´t

11. have you been ever for latea class?
Rarely I have been for late a class

12. how do you get to school?
I get to school in a bus

13. what is your worst subject in school?
The worst subjet in myschool is spanish

14. are you any on sports teams in school?
No, I´m not

15. how fer is your school from home?
It´s 10 Km from home

16. does you it take to get to school?Five minutes

17. do you have any evening classes?
No, I don´t

18. do you still keep in thouch with your best friend in elementary school?
Yes, I do.She ´s dany

19.have you been absent many times from year in this school?
Yes, I have been absent

20. how much do you do homework every day?
Yes, I do

21. what do you not like classes?Math and biology

22. what do you like best about your school?
My friends

23. do you come to school by bus?
Yes, I do

24. what do you like the least about your school?The laboratory

25. does your school have a band?
Yes It does, It´s small

26. what do you think about your english class?
It´s hard for some class mates

27. what do you...
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