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Animal Farm Glossary
Gonzalo Barroso.

Barley: a plant grown for its grain that is used for making food, beer and whisky; the grains of this plant.
Barn: a large farm building for storing grain or keeping animals in.
Beam: a long piece of wood, metal, etc. used to support weight, especially as part of the roof in a building.
Bean: a seed, or pod containing seeds, of a climbing plant, eatenas a vegetable.
Bin: a large container, usually with a lid, for storing things in.
Binder: a machine that fastens wheat into bunches after it has been cut.
Birch: a tree with smooth bark and thin branches, that grows in northern countries.
Bit: a metal bar that is put in a horse’s mouth so that the rider can control it.
Blacksmith: a person whose job is to make and repair things made ofiron, especially horseshoes.
Blinker: pieces of leather that are placed at the side of a horse’s eyes to stop it from looking sideways.
Boar: a male pig that has not been castrated.
Boulder: a very large rock which has been shaped by water or the weather.
Brewhouse: a factory where beer is made.
Brewing: the activity of making beer.
Brood: if a bird broods, or broods its eggs, it sits on theeggs in order to hatch them.
Bushel: a unit for measuring grain and fruit (equal in volume to 8 gallons).
Cabbage: a round vegetable with large green, purplish-red or white leaves that can be eaten raw or cooked.
Canter: a movement of a horse at a speed that is fairly fast but not very fast; a ride on a horse moving at this speed.
Carpenter: a person whose job is making and repairing woodenobjects and structures.
Cart-horse: a large strong horse used especially in the past for heavy work on faros.
Cartridge: a tube or case containing explosive and a bullet or shot, for shooting from a gun.
Cart-track: a rough track that is not suitable for ordinary cars, etc.
Castrate: to remove the testicles of a male animal or person.
Chaff: the outer covering of the seeds of grain such as wheat,which is separated from the grain before it is eaten. / straw (= dried stems of wheat) and hay (= dried grass) cut up as food for cows.
Circular saw: a saw in the form of a metal disc that turns quickly, driven by a motor, and is used for cutting wood, etc.
Clover: a small wild plant that usually has three leaves on each stem and purple, pink or white flowers that are shaped like balls.
Clutch:a group of eggs that a bird lays at one time; the young birds that come out of a group of eggs at the same time.
Corn: any plant that is grown for its grain, such as wheat; the grain of these plants.
Cowshed: a farm building in which cows are kept.
Crate: a large wooden container for transporting goods.
Crop: to produce a crop.
Crowbar: a straight iron bar, usually with a curved end, usedfor forcing open boxes and moving heavy objects.
Cud: the food that cows and similar animals bring back from the stomach into the mouth to chew again.
Cutter: a tool for cutting.
Distilling: the activity of making something such as a strong alcoholic drink in this way.
Drain: a pipe that carries away dirty water or other liquid waste.
Drinking pool: a small area of still water where animals candrink from.
Dung: solid waste from animals, especially from large ones.
Dynamo: a device for turning mechanical energy into electricity; a generator.
Farm: an area of land, and the buildings on it, used for growing crops and/or keeping animals.
Farmer: a person who owns or manages a faro.
Farm-house: the main house on a farm, where the farmer lives.
Feed: to give food to a person or ananimal.
Fertile: that plants grow well in.
Field: an area of land in the country used for growing crops or keeping animals in, usually surrounded by a fence, etc.
Fishing: the sport or business of catching fish.
Flog: to punish sb by hitting them many times with a whip or stick.
Foxhound: a dog with a very good sense of smell, that is trained to hunt foxes.
Gallop: when a horse or similar...
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