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1. What major variables have quaker oats and its competitors used to segment the sport drink market?

The major variable that can identifythe different kind of products in that market was the product because each enterprise has to adapt the product portfolio in order to gain new clients, other important thing is the kind of customersbecause not all people could drink Gatorade. In the sport drinks was focus in sport players stereotypes.

 2. What type of market coverage strategy did Gatorade use during the early stages of thesports drink markets life cycle? What coverage strategies are Gatorade and its competitors using now?

At the beginning the company started with scholarship people en football teams using the productand showing the performance results according the high performance that this beverage offers. The first goal was increase profits and high sales. After decided to implement advertizing and userecognize players, sports players and important scientist institutes in order to certificate the quality and benefits that produce drink Gatorade.

 3. How have Gatorade and its competitors positioned theirsport drink products?

The most important positioning strategies was about the body concerning that actually have the young people according calories, minerals, caffeine and other components thatprevents the severe dehydration of people who practice sports regularly.

4. What competitive advantages do Gatorade and its competitors have?

The advantage is the core focus in quality andtechnology. Gatorade project his beverages as a healthy sports drink, then decided that through the athletes was to create an image supported athletic and healthy by scientists. The key is to manage a goodproduct line with the needs and tastes of the market and on the other hand have identified your target market will allow more market share.

 5. Identify new marketing opportunities that quaker...
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