Gerald's game

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This story is about a man named Gerald and his wife named Jessie, they went to a country house for a romantic weekend, Gerald was a lawyer andhe find the way to raise their sexual life and he handcuff to the bed his wife and Jessie start to protest but Gerald doesn’t take care about itbecause he thinks that it wan false and she hits him in the stomach and he falls to the floor and he has a heart attack and Jessie stay handcuff.Also she stays with a hungry dog and it started to eat Gerald’s body, and with a ghost that she named The Space Cowboy, she was thirsty and shestarts to hallucinate.
She start to hear voices in his head of two persons first of her friend Ruth and her psychiatrist Nora and she started toremained her past like she was sexual abused by his father and she think about how was her marriage if it was happy or unhappy . After he sawhallucinations he started to think how leave there first she treat to broke the bed but she was exhausted , she escape because she cut her arm andshe escape of one of the voices in his head that tells her that she stay one more night space cowboy can kill her. She leaves and she runs away.Then months later she writes to Nora because she doesn’t talk with her in years. And she writes about the incident and a law of his husband thatsays that she doesn’t have to talk the true story because he didn’t want a scandal, also she writes about her recuperation.

Gerald’s game
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