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Merced college
ESL classes
Daniela Arce
Level 3-4

I go to talk about a very very special person for me.. her name is Yoz Aguirre.

I met her when I began highschool. And the first year we wasn't realy friends just we said we "hi" and thats all...Then we began to gather a grup of friends, and she was there, most of the time we weretogether the 5, and that was very cool.

When time pased we started going out more and more, but she and I weren't so united.

She live very near of my gym, and one time Iwas very tired for do exercise I went to visited to her home. That was very strange because I never had visited, but we stayed comfortable talking a few minuts.

Then Iwas gonna more often at her home, and we had a very good time we talked and we were always joking and laughing.

Our friends were upset and got jealous (is a bit silly butso was) because a had a best friend, well I still have a best friend but with Yoz is very diferent, whenever we're together I spend doing great, we go to parties together,dance together, we talk all, we both understand very well.

Now she go followed to my home and I too, we spent talking on the phone and do everything together. Almost allthe time we are together.

In this moment we are separed because I'm here and she's in Canada to studing english too. Both are ok, we talked every day, she tells me shedoes, and I tell too.
I miss her a lot, she and I have many plans together, especially travel experiences, maybe sadness, fights, boyfriends, why not haha a lot of things to dotogether...

I love her and I realized that hey she is my best friend, but that's more like my sister and I want us to be together again.

I can't wait love uu yozzz!!!
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