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The National Institute of Justice sponsors research on alcohol and others drugs in the context of thecriminal justice system to promote effective law enforcement, court and corrections responses to illegal drug markets and criminal behavior related to illicit drug use.
Research Portfolio

NIJ's drugsand crime research informs crime reduction through several approaches:

* Epidemiology
* Prevention and Intervention
* Drug Markets
* Market Disruption
* Forensics

See anoverview of NIJ-Funded Research Projects.

NIJ funds research to increase the field's understanding of relationships between drugs, alcohol, violence and crime. For example, read theresearch about whether domestic violence abusers are likely to be drug and/or alcohol abusers, part of the report Practical Implications of Current Domestic Violence Research.
Prevention andIntervention

NIJ funds projects to identify and evaluate strategies (including treatment) to prevent, deter or reduce drug- and alcohol-related crime. See:

* Panel on Medication-Assisted Treatment* Drug Courts
* Evaluating the "Decide Your Time" Program
* HOPE Program Evaluation

Drug Markets

NIJ funds projects to increase the field's understanding about the dynamics of drugproduction and distribution in domestic and international markets. See:

* Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Programs
* NIJ and National Institute on Drug Abuse study of retail drug markets(pdf, 2 pages)

Market Disruption

NIJ funds projects to identify and evaluate strategies to disrupt drug markets at different levels and by type of market.

NIJ funds projects toidentify and assess new drug-testing and detection methods, technologies and strategies. See:

* Forensic Toxicology
* Controlled Substance Forensics and Detection

Research Projects...
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