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A Gladiator was a slave, criminal or professional fighter in ancient Rome. Gladiators fought other gladiators, wild animals and condemned criminals, sometimes to the death, for the entertainment ofspectators in cities and towns of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, they were an essential feature of Roman culture and could achieve the status of popular heroes.
There were different classesand categories from gladiators who were different by their arms and their way to fight. Most popular they were the following ones:
• samnitas they took its name from the special armament takenfrom the town homónimo. Its military equipment was made up of a great shield , helmet with visor, highest crest and of pens, a species of armband of leather or metal that covered the shoulder partly inright arm and a short sword. It was the first type of gladiator in to appear.

• mirmillones they were distinguished by its helmet of edges ample with a high crest, that gave fish aspectthem. They took chicken farmer it cuts, wide belt, armor in its left leg and its arm straight and the classic curved rectangular shield of the Roman legionary. Their weapon was the short and straightsword of the legionary or gladius, from where the gladiators take their name. To this type of gladiator belonged apparently Espartaco.

• The gladiators Thracian they counted on a smallrectangular shield or “parmula” and one very short sword with leaf slightly curve or “sica”, with the intention of attacking the disarmed back of his opponent. It included armor in both legs, necessary giventhe reduced thing of its shield, protector for the shoulder and arm of sword, helmet with lateral pen, viewfinder and high crest. Derivative of the Greek soldier of Thrace, like its name it indicates.• secutores they went armed of helmet, shield and sword, derivation of mirmillones. Their arms were equal to those of mirmillones, with exception of helmet, that was completely smooth and...
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