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Unit 6 Animals
Slaughtered: The killing of animals for food.
Example: Animals are being slaughtered.

Adorable: Cute and charming.
Example: What an adorable child!

Affectionable:Exceptionally friendly and loving.
Example: My dog is very affectionable whit me.

Gentle/Good-nature: Easy going; good with people and other pets.
Example: The cats are easy going.

Lowmaintenance: Easy to care for and inexpensive to keep.
Example: The fish are a easy to care for.

High maintenance: Time-consuming to take care of.
Example: The rabbits are a hard to care for.Loyal/Devoted: Attentive to its owner; reliable.
Example: My dog is a loyal friend.

Aggressive: Violent; sometimes dangerous.
Example: A dangerous aggressive dog.

Costly: Expensive to buy and to takecare of.
Example: The pets that are a high-maintenance are costly.

Destructive: Harmful to furniture and others things.
Example: The dogs are a destructive when running in the house.

Filthy:Unclean; make a mess.
Example: The dogs make a mess playing.

Pet: A domestic or tamed animal or bird kept for companionship or pleasure and treated with care and affection.
Example: The pony was afamily pet

Clever: Able to use one’s intelligence to do something.
Example: The fox are intelligente.

Gullible: Too ready to believe what other people say, and therefore easy to trick.Example: The crow is a gullible because believe he believes in what he say the fox.

Mean: Willing to hurt others, especially with words.
Example: Many people are mean because only bother other people.Selfish: Caring only about oneself and not likely to share with others.
Example: He is selfish because only see for go for it.

Sincere: Saying what one really feels or believes.
Example: Sheis very sincere, saying she believes.

Vain: Too proud o one’s looks, abilities, or position.
Example: She's too vain to wear glasses.

Wise: Able to make good decisions and give good advice...
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