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Declawing With Love!
Declawing cats is a very emotionally charged and controversial topic in the cat world. While it is normal for cats to scratch things in order to mark territory as well as tocondition their claws, their behavior can destroy the relationship between their owners and them. Cats have a tendency to play rough while they scratch their owners or other pets sometimes violently inplay. As a consequence, many owners opt for declawing their cats in order to avoid problems. Declawing has undoubtedly become one of the most controversial of all the elective surgical proceduresusually performed by veterinarians. Some people feel it’s unnatural to remove a cat’s claws, and it’s done for the owner’s benefit and not for the cat’s benefit. Declawing a cat is commonly done in twoways, excisional method or guillotine (clipper) method.
The excisional method removes all of the last bone of the toe. To remove the claw, the bone, nerve, joint capsule, collateral ligaments, and theextensor and flexor tendons must all be amputated. [1] In this method, it is required to removes all of the last bone of the toe.  The last phalanx of each front toe is removed, the cut is sealed withsurgical glue and the paw is bandaged immediate.  Because the entire third bone is removed, there is a zero possibility of the claw growing back; however, the cut ligaments permit for a subtle dropin the way the foot is held. [2] Most owners do not notice this change in posture. The bandages are removed prior to the cat's leaving the hospital and healing takes place at home over the next tendays.
The second method, which Feline Hospital do not perform nor recommend, is the guillotine method which consist on removing the nails and distal toe bones. This is done using a guillotine nailclipper that is sterilized.  The goal is to fit the clipper around the distal bone and sever the tendons holding it on without damaging the middle toe bones. If performed correctly, this does not injury...
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