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How to create a presentation using Google Docs

1. Access the URL:<mpl=homepage&hl=es
Or just access Google main page and search for Google Docs in the toolbar.
2. Create an account. Pressthe red button at the right up corner of the screen.
3. Follow the steps to create the account. When Google asks permission to have access to your email account you might say YES. Complete theinformation required to create the account.
4. When you have created your Google Docs account, press the red button at the left up corner of the screen that says CREATE.
5. There are severaloptions of documents: Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Drawing, Table… Select Presentation. A new tab will open.
6. The first slide asks you to click to write the title and subtitle of yourpresentation.
7. When clicking, the toolbar enables some tools like Font, Font size, Color, Style (Bold, Italic or Underline), Text Highlight Color. (View Image 1)
8. To add images, click theInsert a new image button (Next to the Insert text box button).
9. To insert a new slide, click the Slide button (Diapositiva), and click the option New Slide (Ctrl+M). Choose between the 5 differentdesigns available to create your next slide: Title, Text, Two Columns, Subtitle and Empty. For the second slide in presentations, is usual to have a Text or Two Columns slide.
10. Insert all kindof elements that will help your audience to understand the topic. On the Insert option in the toolbar, you’ll be able to insert Text, Images, Drawings, Videos, Tables and Forms.
11. When you havefinished writing your presentation (including text, images, videos…etc), you can choose a theme for your presentation. Click the Format button in the toolbar, drag the pointer over the Configure the...
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