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GPS (Global Positioning System)
The GPS is a global navigation satellite for determining the worldwide position of an object, person, vehicle or a ship.
The system "GPS" was born in 1973 and was officially declared operational in 1995. Although his invention is attributed to French and Belgian governments, the system was developed and installed, and is currentlyoperated by the United States Department of Defense.
The GPS is made up of three parts: satellites orbiting the Earth; control and monitoring stations on Earth; and the GPS receivers owned by users. GPS satellites broadcast signals from space that are picked up and identified by GPS receivers. Each GPS receiver then provides three-dimensional location (latitude, longitude, and altitude)plus the time.
Each GPS satellite contains multiple atomic clocks that contribute very precise time data to the GPS signals. GPS receivers decode these signals, synchronizing each receiver to the atomic clocks. This enables users to determine the time to within 100 billionths of a second, without the cost of owning and operating atomic clocks.
Roads & Highways
Many ofthe problems associated with the routing and dispatch of commercial vehicles is significantly reduced or eliminated with the help of GPS. Many nations use GPS to help survey their road and highway networks, by identifying the location of features on, near, or adjacent to the road networks. These include service stations, maintenance and emergency services and supplies, entry and exit ramps,damage to the road system, etc
The development and implementation of precision agriculture or site-specific farming has been made possible by combining the Global Positioning System (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS). These applications in precision farming are being used for farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, crop scouting and yield mapping. GPS allows farmers to workduring low visibility field conditions such as rain, dust, fog, and darkness.
GPS data collection systems complemented with GIS packages provide a means for comprehensive analysis of environmental concerns
Accurate tracking of environmental disasters such as fires and oil spills can be conducted more efficiently
Precise positional data from GPS can assist scientists in crustal andseismic monitoring
Monitoring and preservation of endangered species can be facilitated through GPS tracking and mapping
Public Safety & Disaster Relief
GPS has played a vital role in relief efforts for global disasters.
(Let me cite some: )
Search and rescue teams use GPS, geographic information system (GIS), and remote sensing technology to create maps of disasters areas for rescue and aidoperations, as well as to assess damage. GPS helps us too to put out forest fire by by creating maps of the boundaries of the fire. In earthquake prone areas such as the Pacific Rim, GPS is playing an increasingly prominent role in helping scientists to anticipate earthquakes.
The GPS is now a support system for recreational activities like biking, hiking, camping, fishing and golf. GPShelps fishermen to return to a better fishing spot, to walkers not to miss the road, the cyclists to mark their favorite routes. Other applications include skiing, as well as recreational aviation and boating.
GPS technology has generated entirely new sports and outdoor activities. An example of this is geocaching, a sport which rolls a pleasurable day’s outing and a treasure hunt into one. Anothernew sport is geodashing, a cross-country race to a predefined GPS coordinateGPS modernization efforts, designed to enhance more serious applications than recreation have provided direct and indirect benefits to the user. Modernization plans for GPS will result in even greater reliability and availability for all users, such as under a denser forest cover just the environment in which many...
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