Growing up

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“Growing Up”

There comes a time when a kid stops being a kid and has to grow up and it has to happen whether you’re ready or not. The process leads to seeing the world in a total differentperspective. The perspective shows you that is hard for immature kids to fully understand their parents, until a certain amount of maturity is gained. In the short story “Papa Who Wakes Up in theDark” by Sandra Cisneros and in the poem “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden both talk about two fathers and the sacrifices they make for their families and also about kids reaching the amount ofmaturity needed to understand their parent’s thoughts.
In the story “Papa Who Wakes Up in the Dark” by Sandra Cisneros, the narrator got the news that his/her grandfather was dead. His/her dadreacts like this
“ crumbles like a coat and cries my brave papa cries.”(198) The father does the complete opposite of what the narrator expects of him and its done by using the simile which shows thatthe narrator wasn’t prepared, that it was unexpected and being honest almost no one is prepare to see one of his parent’s crying. Why, because that’s something that childhood and immaturity hides. Itmakes it seem like if our parents are powerful and invincible. But truth is our parent’s suffer too ,their not superman or wonder woman and we all know that they have weaknesses. “My Papa, his thickhands and thick shoes, who wakes up tired in the dark, who combs his hair with water, drinks his coffee, and is gone before we awake, today is sitting on my bed.”(198) Still the narrator doesn’tunderstand that the loss of his/her grandpa affected his/her father really bad , but the mentality of the kid is changing because he has never seen his/her father that upset, and the child is going togain maturity that would lead him to the understanding of the father’s feelings.
“Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden is about an immature kid who doesn’t understand what his/her father goes...
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