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Mold Standards & Classifications Society of the Plastics Industry: MOLD CLASSIFICATIONS INTRODUCTION The following classifications are guidelines to be used in obtaining quotations and placing ordersfor uniform types of molds. These classifications are for mold specifications only and in no way guarantee workmanship. This guide will attempt to give approximate cycles for each type of moldexcluding wear caused by material abrasion, poor mold maintenance and improper molding technique. Maintenance is not the responsibility of the moldmaker. Normal maintenance such as replacement of brokensprings, broken ejector pins, worn rings, or the rework of nicks and scratches should be borne by the molder. Mold rework costs should be closely considered when deciding which classification of mold isrequired. This document does not constitute a warranty or guarantee by the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc., or its members for the classifications or specifications set forth herein.CLASSIFICATION OF INJECTION MOLDS UP TO 400 TONS The following contains a brief synopsis of the various mold classifications and the detailed descriptions of each mold class. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS 1. Customerto approve mold design prior to start of construction. 2. All molds, with the exception of prototype, to have adequate channels for temperature control. 3. Wherever feasible, all details should bemarked with steel type and Rockwell hardness approximately .005 deep. 4. Customer name, part number, and mold number should be steel stamped on mold. 5. All molds should have eyebolt holes on the topside. There should be one above and one below the parting line to facilitate mold removal, if required, in halves. CLASS 101 MOLD Cycles: One million or more Description: Built for extremely highproduction. This is the highest priced mold and is made with only the highest quality materials. Detailed mold design required. Mold base to be minimum hardness of 28 R/C. Molding surfaces (cavities and...
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