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Mini Fighter Online Policy
Mini Fighter Online Policy, in using Mini Fighter Online (hereinafter referred to as ‘this game’), prescribes the rights, obligations and responsibilities of CJ Internet Corp. (hereinafter referred to as ‘company’) and users (hereinafter referred to as ‘users’) and aims to provide and maintain smooth gameplay (hereinafter referred to as ‘service’) through swift, rightand just handling of any possible in-game issues that might occur. The company has promulgated this Policy so as to better the relations between the company and the users and to improve its service quality. Therefore, it is essential that users read and fully comprehend this Policy.
1. Basics of the Policy
1) The scope of this Policy applies only to the game service offered by the Netmarblesite (hereinafter referred to as the ‘site’).
2) All the services offered within the game are based on this Policy.
3) This Policy aims to address the issues that might arise relating to this game’s homepage (hereinafter referred to as the ‘homepage’) and this game in a consented, swift and consistent manner. Users who breach this Policy may be subject to suspension.
4) This Policy is subjectto change at anytime for more efficient game management and any changes made shall be notified through the homepage. Any damage that is attributed to users’ lack of understanding on the revised terms of this Policy that have already been notified is outside the scope of the company’s coverage.
5) Any content that has yet to be prescribed in this Policy can be judged or adjusted according to theNetmarble’s Terms of Use, related laws and ordinances of the Republic of Korea consistent with good commercial practice.
2. Notification of Information
1) ’Information’ refers collectively to all types of knowledge that users may use to gain benefit or cause damage when playing this game.
2) Notification of information is confined to the form that is given through the notice message of thehomepage or within the game.
3) Only the information that has been offered pursuant to the act prescribed in 2) is considered official. Other information besides the above shall not be regarded as the official information.
4) Either the company or a GM (whose definition prescribed in the Article 3 below) assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage of the users or any otherindividuals due to their negligence or failure to read the notice message regarding the information.
3. Roles and Obligations of GM
1) A ‘GM’ stands for a Game Master. Those who hold the GM title undertake the designated role of managing the game in the rightful manner.
2) A GM helps the users to carry on with their smooth gameplay and undertakes the contents of this Policy.
3) A GM makes it arule to not engage in the individual-level disputes arising among users.
However, a GM may regulate or arbitrate the issue and suspend those involved accordingly when such act is needed so as to maintain the smooth gameplay. In addressing such issues, a GM shall maintain a rightful manner pursuant to this Policy.
※ Representative cases where GMs may be involved
a. where a user causes damage toother players illegally to pursue his own interest
b. where a user has disrupted or is considered to have disrupted the game management intentionally and/or explicitly
c. where a user is involved in various types of expressions and descriptive acts that are regarded undesirable within the game and/or imply sexually suggestive contents
d. where a user deceives other users by falselyrepresenting himself as a GM or attempting the false impersonation
e. where a user creates an account by resorting to false information or has taken advantage of it
f. where a user is involved with or has attempted to trade cash and cashable goods, share/trade accounts or is considered to have attempted to commit the comparable level of act
g. where a user is involved in the acts of slanderous...
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