Guia Ingles 3 Prepa Abierta

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Inglés III (30)
1. I think a donkey is _________useful than a horse.
a) very
b) more
c) most
d) too
2. I’m sure there is ________hidden ______________in the living room.
a) anything /somewhere
b) something / anywhere
c) sketching /somewhere
d) somewhere / somewhere
3. Lucy ________not_________ at home before you came.
a) had / been
b) has / been
c) had / being
d) has / being
4.__________there many flowers in the vase?
a) Having
b) Have
c) Are
d) Is
5. Gloria sang the ____________beautiful song in the contest and won the prize.
a) less
b) most
Inglés III (30) 2
c) more
d) least
6. _______ is necessary ____________ to plants.
a) It / water
b) There / water
c) It / to water
d) There / to water
7. My son is only sixteen and he is ______tall ________his father.a) as / as
b) as / like
c) likes / as
d) like / like
8. Did Betty offer_____________ Freddy?
a) visits
b) visited
c) to visit
d) visiting
9. This is my ring. ________ is on the table.
a) You
b) Your
c) Yours
d) You’re
10. __________you________________ for a long time.
a) Have / been waiting
b) Have / be waiting
c) Have / waiting been
Inglés III (30) 3
d) Have / waiting be
11.Mary hasn’t finished and it’s getting _________.
a) late
b) fast
c) hard
d) straight
12. Peter: __________ you been ____________ before we met? Mary: In a factory.
a) When have / worked
b) Where have / worked
c) When had / working
d) Where had / working
13. George didn’t buy the guitar, he had _______money.
a) few
b) a few
c) little
d) a little
14. The boys _________never___________that game before.
a) were / enjoying
b) were / enjoyed
c) had / enjoying
d) had / enjoyed
15. You have to add a ____________ salt. It improves the flavor.
a) little of
b) little
c) much of
d) much
Inglés III (30) 4
16. Helen does _______________in the company.
a) researches
b) mistakes
c) cakes
d) dresses
17. Paul preferred _____________________in the show.
a) nit participatingb) didn’t participate
c) not to participate
d) isn’t participating
18. George doesn´t like to do __________ for his friends.
a) fun
b) noise
c) deals
d) favors
19. Please inform the passengers ____________________________________.
a) how to use the oxygen masks
b) where are the emergency exits
c) how do they fasten their seats belts
d) where do they put their personal belongings
20.Laura couldn’t answer. She ___________ not ___________ paying attention.
a) was / been
b) had / to be
c) was / to be
d) had / been
Inglés III (30) 5
21. Mike has _________ mother twice this week.
a) visits
b) a visit
c) visited
d) be visiting
22. We _________not __________in San Francisco yet.
a) did / met
b) did / meet
c) have / met
d) gave / meet
23. Once the thieves got________the bus they showed us their guns.
a) out
b) on
c) in
d) off
24. ________ grandfather ___________ smoking since the operation?
a) Has / been
b) Has / being
c) Must / been
d) Must / being
25. Yesterday they ________ wet in the rain.
a) put
b) did
c) set
d) got
Inglés III (30) 6
26. Mrs. Robins has ___________ Chinese food many times.
a) look
b) hooked
c) cooked
d) locked
27.Lily won’t _________ out of her car.
a) go
b) put
c) get
d) leave
28. Who _____________ studying for the exam.
a) kept
b) promised
c) decided
d) planned
29. He’ll never learn. He’s _________ dumb.
a) too
b) well
c) enough
d) hardly
30. The dogs are _________not Charles.
a) they
b) them
c) their
d) theirs
Inglés III (30) 7
31. The teacher asked the children to describe________________.
a) yourselves
b) themselves
c) himself
d) herself
32. _________ the play _________ when the bomb exploded?
A) Had / begin
B) Would / begin
C) Had / begun
D) Would / begun
33. These apples cost two dollars ______________.
a) an ounce
b) a second
c) a minute
d) a kilo
34. I ___________ painted this picture for the exposition of the school.
a) himself
b) myself
c) herself...
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