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Present Simple
Subject + is/are/am + Verb (past participle)
Is used to express:
- habits(actions that happen againand again)
- a fact that is always true.
- States (a fact that is true for a long time)

Present Continuous

Subject + is/are/am + being + (Verb (pastparticiple)
Is used to express:
- an activity that is happening now; at the moment of speaking.
- An activity happening around now, but perhaps not at the moment of speaking.
- Atemporary activity.
- A planned future arrangement.

Complete the dialogues with the correct form of the verbs:
Present simple or present continuous.

DRIVER So, What(do) here in Chicago, mister?

MAN I’ (visit) some clients.

DRIVER Where are you from? You _____________________ (not mind) me asking, doyou?

MAN Not at all. From Inchon, in Korea.
DRIVER Good place to be! Me, I’m form Idaho. How long _______________(stay) here?

MAN Three days. I _________________ (go) home on Saturday.

DRIVEROK. Hey, (like) steak? In all of America _____________(come) from?
That’s right – Idaho!

POLICEMAN What_________________(do) here?
JOSH Nothing,why?
POLICEMAN We ask the questions here.
JOSH We __________________(wait) for someone.

POLICEMAN Where ______________________(live)
JOSH 151 Churchill Road.
POLICEMAN What are your names?JOSH I’m josh and he’s my brother, Wayne. We______________________(not do) anything illegal, are we?
POLICEMAN ____________________(carry) any form of identification?

JOSH Yes.I_____________(have) my driving licence. ________________(want) to see i? Here!
POLICEMAN It_______________(says) Dean Allen on this licence.

JOSH Does it? Oh yes, it’s my dad’s.

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