Hacer crecer marcas con los consumidores mas jovenes

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International Journal of Market Research Vol. 52 Issue 4

FORUM Do growing brands win younger consumers?
Katherine Anderson and Byron Sharp
Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science at the University of South Australia

Are.young.consumers.easier.to.attract?.We.shed.some.light.on.the.presumption. that. younger. consumers. are. less. loyal. to. brands. and. more. willing. than.older. consumers.to.try.new.brands ..Analysis.of.230.brands.from.12.categories.revealed. a. tendency. for. new. and. growing. brands. to. skew. towards. younger. consumers .. This.suggests.that.younger.consumers.are.slightly.easier.for.brands.to.attract ..The. most.plausible.explanation.is.that.younger.consumers.are.more.likely.to.be.new. buyers. of. the. category .. We. therefore. caution. that.our. results. do. not. support. a. marketing.strategy.strongly.targeting.younger.consumers ..If.a.brand.grows,.then. it. is. likely. to. attract. a. slightly. disproportionate. number. of. younger. consumers .. However,.it.does.not.follow.that,.if.it.seeks.largely.to.attract.younger.consumers,. it.will.grow .

Introduction and backgroundAre.young.consumers.more.willing.to.try.different.brands?.Are.they.easier. targets. if. you. are. trying. to. grow. your. brand?. A. colleague. in. industry. had. noticed. that. spirits. brands. that. were. growing. strongly,. like. Patron. and. Grey. Goose. (UK. 2006. data),. tended. to. over-index. among. younger. consumers,. while. those. that. were. declining. tended. to. over-index. among. older. consumers .. We. were. curious. whether.this. pattern. was. evident. in. purchase.data.from.other.categories.and.what.plausible.explanations.there. might.be ..We.were.particularly.intrigued.by.this.pattern.because.research. by. Ehrenberg. and. colleagues. has. demonstrated. that. such. deviations. are. uncommon,.with.rival.brands.tending.to.sell.to.similar.types.of.consumer.

© 2010 TheMarket Research Society DOI: 10.2501/S1470785309201387


Forum: Do growing brands win younger consumers?

(Hammond. et al.. 1996;. Kennedy. &. Ehrenberg. 2000a,. 2000b,. 2001a,. 2001b;. Ehrenberg. &. Kennedy. 2000;. Kennedy. et al.. 2000) .. However,. it. seemed. plausible. that,. within. the. small. deviations. that. do. exist. between.rival.brands,1.a.systematic.pattern.might.be.evident .

Research approach
We. analysed. purchase. data. for. 230. brands. across. 12. product. categories,. looking. for. a. systematic. pattern. in. the. data .. Categories. included. coffee,. bar. confectionery,. dog. food,. beer,. spirits,. cars,. internet. service. provider,. mobile. phone. provider,. health. insurance,. car. insurance,. credit. cards. and. financial.services..Some.of.these.categories.grew,.and.some.declined.over. the.period.studied,.providing.a.robust.sample ..The.data.were.generously. provided.by.the.Nielsen.Company.and.TNS ..The.Nielsen.Panorama.Survey. data.described.claimed.purchase.behaviour.(penetration).in.the.Australian. market. for. 2001. and. 2006 .. The. TNS. Superpanel. data. described. actual.purchasing.behaviour.(volume).in.the.UK.market.for.2005.and.2007 ..By. comparing.two.periods.of.data,.we.were.able.to.determine.which.brands. grew. (relative. to. the. category),. which. declined. (relative. to. the. category). and. which. were. new. to. the. category,. and. investigate. whether. the. user. profiles.of.these.brands.were.systematically.different . From. the. raw. purchase. data. (2006/7),. the. proportion. of. each. brand’s.sales/customers. from. each. age. group. was. calculated. –. the. brand’s. age. profile .. The. profile. of. each. brand. was. compared. to. the. age. profile. for. that.product.category ..The.proportion.of.users.younger.than.30.for.each. brand.was.plotted.against.brand.performance.(new.brands.were.assigned. a.growth.rate.of.100%.for.the.period) ..The.axis.intercepts.were.calibrated....
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