Hamlet ensayo

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* Hamlet
* Gertrude
* Claudius
* King Hamlet
* Polonius
* Laertes
* Ophelia
The story is about a man called hamlet that was the nephew of the actually king,because he was the son of the last king but he was killed. The mother of hamlet get married with the actually king. 2 months after the death of his father Hamlet was visited by the ghost of hisfather and informs him that was killed by Claudius to become king and get marry with his mother.
Hamlet want the revenge for his father death, but between action anguish and find excuses to postpone therevenge. He pretends to be crazy for people not suspected of what are he …..Polonius, the court chamberlain, believes that Hamlet's madness is because he had an ecstasy of love with Ophelia.
Hamlettakes the visit of a troupe of actors to discover if the message of the ghost was real. The scene is played in the murder of his father and he studied the reactions of King Claudius.
Hamlet was convincedthat the ghost has told him the truth. Claudius warns that his crime was discovered, and he wanted to send Hamlet to England. Hamlet censures his mother, Gertrude, and during the conversation, hamletheard that a spy was listening the conversation , Hamlet kills Polonius who was hiding behind some curtains.
The king fears for his life and sends Hamlet to England with two mercenaries who arecommissioned to convince the king of England to run the Prince. Hamlet was taken prisoner by a pirate, but is returned to Denmark. Hamlet went back in time to stay in the funeral of Ophelia, who haddrowned. Laertes the son of Polonius, accuses Hamlet of the death of his father and sister. Laertes and Claudius decides to kill Hamlet and prepare a duel. The plan consisted to poisoned one of the swordsand has a cup of wine poisoned, if the first sword fails.
The queen Gertrude takes the wine poisoned by a mistake. The duelist exchanged swords, in his agony. Leartes reveals the treachery of the...
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