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Microsoft’s Privacy Principles
for Live Search and Online Ad Targeting
23 July 2007

Microsoft’s Privacy Principles for Live Search and Online Ad Targeting represent the continuing evolution ofMicrosoft’s long-standing commitment to privacy. They build on our existing policies and practices, as reflected in our privacy statements. They also complement our other privacy efforts, such as thepublic release of our Privacy Guidelines for Developing Software Products and Services and our work to advocate for comprehensive federal privacy legislation in the US and strong public policiesworldwide to protect consumer privacy. Some parts of these principles reflect current practices, while other aspects describe new practices that will be implemented over the next 12 months.

Inaddition to guiding our own practices in the areas of Live Search and online ad targeting, we hope that these principles will be even more valuable in helping to advance an industry dialogue about theprotection of privacy in these areas. We also recognize that these are dynamic technologies that are rapidly developing and changing. As such, we will continue to examine and update our privacy approachto ensure that we are striking the right balance for our customers.

Principle I: User Notice

We will be transparent about our policies and practices so that users can make informed choices. Forexample:

• Our current Microsoft Online Privacy Statement provides clear disclosures in an easy to navigate format that is readily accessible from every page of each major online service thatwe operate.

• We will regularly update the Microsoft Online Privacy Statement to maintain transparency as our services evolve or our practices change.

• In addition, we will shortlyupdate our privacy statement to provide more detail on online advertising and search data collection and protection.

Principle II: User Control

We will implement new privacy features and...
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