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Research Paper
How wikileaks change the life of the society and the one of the government.
Mr. Bustamante
Hermosillo, Sonora, 11/11/10

Wikileaksis an organization that brings important news and information to the public about everything that happens inside government of the states and many others. Wikileaks has information anonymous, sonobody discovered who is giving this important information. The more interesting theme they have obviously will be the government because we will like to know what they do with our money if they used formaking a better city or for their benefit only. The government said always they used the money to help the community, but that is a completely lie only like 25% goes to the city and the other 75% isfor the government people and that is not fair, they should do something , but supposedly government is very trustworthy and is not , it is only corruption. They provide secure information to leakinformation to our journalists (our electronic drop box). The Developers of Wikileaks said “It is very difficult to write in the page, because you need to put the real information in order people believeyou”.
Wikileaks can be very helpful in getting rid of corruption, and the bad treats of the government. In order to have wikileaks, they need the best technology and information to make thewikileak interesting and every single person see it and see what happen in the government. Their pages can be edit the any person unless is part of the wikileaks association. This organization has beenimproving every day by giving all these information to all the persons. Sometimes they can put information that can put person in danger, so they removed in a particular time to do not affect anyinnocent life. The U.S Supreme Court ruled that "only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government." I think everybody agree in this particular rule.
The persons that...
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