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“The Interior design as Alternative to Improve the Quality of Life”

The modern life imposes distinct requirements for the modern men in terms of the ability of organize the spaces. Today is essential to provide the environment where you live with a concept that has changed over the time: comfort. The interior designer should always be to the vanguard of the different variables thatconstitutes the universe of architectural space; the functionality of lighting, the morphology, the materials, etc.; and more looking the changes that has taken place in the interior design, especially in developed countries like the United States where the interior design is understood as something deeper that simple decoration.
The designer has as raw material of work, the management of thespace, which must adapts and modifies according to the needs of each client, always seeking the best solution: functional, technological, and economic. By at looking at how the interior design can improves the quality of life of the people, we can see that this field through the years has increased the demand, because the people is concern in not only to live in a nice place if not also in a placethat could adapt their needs and suit their lifestyle.
There are many people who in some point of their life have to face the renovation or the decoration (or both) of one room or an entire house; and here is where the difficulties begin, because “dress” a house is not like buying a suit.
The interior design requires more specialization according with the book “Opportunities in Designand Decorating Careers” of the author Stearns David who says “Given the broad nature of interior design, it can be difficult to separate it from other careers dealing with similar issues. This may lead to planning both an academic program and a professional career. In an academic curriculum, training for interior design may be found in various departments, such as art, architecture, human,ecology, and home economics.”1 What this means is that interior design should be such a specialized subject like other disciplines, because it includes highly subjective aspects such as: profession of the person, who will live these environments, the sum of the interest of the occupier, or occupant, and the personal and practical concept that they have of what should be the comfort. The designer hasto give clear and convincing answers when giving his professional opinion, “Following is a list of some career disciplines related to interior design that are in current catalogs.
• Environmental planning
• Space planning: regional and city
• Construction engineering
• Architecture
• Landscape architecture
• Interior design
• Ecology: the interrelation between humans and their environment• Design as related to the home.”2
We can see that the theme of interior design is something more complex that just decoration; involves other elements that allow the designer a better solution of the space; in fact a big part of the success in this area is based on the training that they do throughout their lives, if what they matter is the treatment of the interior space, I mean to feelsatisfied with what has chosen for the spatial distribution, proportions, colors, textures, qualities, furniture, and objects.
The training and actualization is essential to achieve the minimum required grade of professionalism that requires the interior design as profession that already reflects a growing market of architecture and decoration. The interior designer has to learn to give thespace a particularized character that is the challenge that will provide to the designer of an own expression as a different variable in the workplace. In interior design you can make the difference with a wide knowledge of the things that are happen in the world in the moment that you are presenting a project combined with the other fundamental elements: interest, dedication, and innovation....
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