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about 4000 years ago, many families left places where they lived in west africa . they would never return to their homeland. some families had to climb over rocky hills. others journeyedthrough forests or across lands baked by the sun. mothers ,fathers ,and children carried everything they owned with them. after traveling for many miles, these people settled somewhere new.
no oneknows exactly why the first moved. the population may have grown very quickly. if so, there may not have been enough land and resources to support all for the people. over many years , later generationsmoved farther away from their original homes. they kept searching for better land for farming.
over time, their migration (my gray shun), or movement from one region to settle in another, took themacross most of africa south of the ecuator . today, their descendants number more than 200 million. the name bantu describes both this large group of africans and the related languages they speaks.africa physical geography
the tropical rain forests that are located on either side of the equator. they have hot , moist climates.
surrounding these forests are bands of savanna , areas ofgrassland with scattered trees and bushes. much of africa is savanna.

lions zebras and elephants live mainly on the savannas. deserts strech north and south of the savannas
the sahara is a desertstretching across most of north africa.
it is the world's largest desert. the sahara is a hot, dry place of sand dunes and rocky mountains. a band of lakes, deep valleys, and rugged mountains runs north tosouth through east africa
africa's physical geography has affected its people ways of life. for example there is little farming in africa deserts, because there is too little water.

people herdcattle on the savannas, but cattle cannot survive in the rain forests . flies and other pests in the rain forests carry diseases that are deadly for cattle.

about 4000 years ago, many...
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