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2008 Sample Examination (P-2)

ESSAYS: A. You have been assigned to be the project manager of a new website for the UN. This website will be available to the staff memberson the UN intranet. Users will be able to log in to a user friendly site and upload personal information about themselves. The constraints of this project are: It must be completed in two months,including defining the scope, testing and documentation Budget of $60.000. The cost of a programmer is 110$ per hour. a. Name the 5 phases of the project above as well as the major tasks involved at eachphase. b. What can potentially cause the failure of this project? c. There are three constraints that affect the success of a project (project management triangle). Name such constraints and explainwhat happens to a project when one of these constraints changes.

B. There is a large number of electronic documents currently stored on a shared drive on the computer network of your department. Youhave been assigned to develop and implement a document management system in four weeks time. The system is based on web technology. The application allows for easy access to documents and is platformindependent so that users can store, share and search documents swiftly. The document access should be restricted to users by their roles and the access history needs to be saved. a. Describe a briefconceptual design of this application, including the information of system modules and functions. b. Provide a logical design of the database using preferably the EntityRelationship (ER) model. c.List and describe three types of possible threats and their counter-measures that would help secure this web application.

C. The United Nations is hosting a Workshop in a conference room forapproximately 30 participants. Your team has been tasked to roll out WI-FI network with single access point. The parameters of the conference room are as follows: 10 x 8 meters (32.8 x 26.24 feet). All...
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