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Holy Water.

In the summer we had a sensational and not lose the opportunity to sunny, looking tanned ourselves. But with this simple custom we lose fluid, the skin becomes dry and the hairbecomes dull. The best option? Drink plenty of water. Anyone who believes that either do not care, think again. Before choosing a line, learn about its qualities and benefits.

For fashion or concernedto live a healthier life healthy, most walk with a water bottle in the backpack. Great choice, because it is recognized as an important energy strong man. In the fetus represents 90% of its weight inan adult t 65%. And taking on great importance in the welfare: Scientific studies have shown that we could take up to two months without eating solid foods, but only two days without fluids. It isnecessary to maintain a constant amount, and involving a physiological functions, including regulating body temperature and the transport of waste disposed of through urine or sweat. Since its origin,are classified as mineral water, spring, gas and water. Read the qualities of each.

Mineral water: Obtained from the natural springs containing calcium chloride, magnesium and sodium. Arebeneficial to health because it gives underground source minerals and other components of positive effects on the body, for example, helps form bones and teeth and is involved in blood clotting

Sparklingwater: The gas has carbonic acid, a substance that aids digestion, stimulates appetite and cellulite

Spring Water: It is beneficial to health, but if healthy contamination risks, but requirestreatment to clean as it comes from the mountains.

Drinking water: If you leave camp or elsewhere should be boiled for 10 minutes this is for drinking, washing dishes, etc.. In much of the country isfluoridated, protecting the teeth

NO drinking water causes: headaches, cramps, muscle aches, constipation, visual disturbances, fatigue, mood swings, shooting, sagging and dull skin appearance....
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