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• What are the new year resolutions?
Adrian Mole promised that:
− He would help blind people to cross the road.
− He would hang his trousers up.
− He would put his tapes back in their covers.
− He wouldn't start smoking.
− He would stop squeezing the spots on his face.
− He would be nice to the dog.
− He would help the poor.
− He wouldn't drink alcohol.
• Why does Adrian think that hisspot is growing?
He thinks that his spot is growing because his mother doesn't know about vitamins, and his diet is very
• When the dog has de operation, what does de vet find? Why?
The vet finds a lot of disgusting things. There are also plastic pirates from Adrian's father's boat. He finds
the pirates because a few days ago, the dog broke the model ship that his father had beenbuilding for three
• Exactly how old is Adrian at the beginning of his diary?
Adrian is 13 ¾ years old.
• Why did Adrian think Nigel was being polite when he told him that he was going to the doctor?
He thought that Nigel was being polite because he said he couldn't see Adrian's spot.
• Why did Adrian decide to go and see a private doctor?
Because the other doctor didn't examine his spot,he said Adrian looked fine.
• Adrian took some comic books to a `poor family'.Why did he think they were poor?
He thought they were poor because they only had a black−and−white TV.
• Why did Adrian think he would probably be a teenage criminal out on the streets?
Because his mother was looking for a job.
• Why does Adrian have to visit a man called Bert Baxter?
Because he is in a group atschool that helps old people, and he got an old man called Bert Baxter.
• Where did Adrian's mother get a job?
She got a job in the same place as Mr. Lucas.
• Why is Adrian angry with Nigel?
Because he is his best friend and he's going out with Pandora.
• Adrian says that his father is cross because Mr Lucas doesn't want to see him. What do you think the real
reason is?
Adrian's father isjealous because his wife is always with Mr Lucas.
• Why does Mr Lucas stay with Adrian's family?
Mr Lucas stays with them because his wife has taken all the furniture.
• Why does Adrian wish he knew karate?
Because Barry Kent said he would hit him if he didn't give him money every day.
• What happened when Adrian's father went fishing? What happened when he arrived home?
When Adrian's fatherwent fishing Mr Lucas went to Adrian's house for dinner. He ate three pieces of his
father's favourite cake. Then, when his father arrived home and came in the front door, Mr Lucas went out
the back door. There was no cake left for Adrian's father, and his mother gave him a cheese sandwich for
his supper. His father threw it at the wall and said he wasn't a mouse, he was a man, and his motherbegan
to cry.
• Where does Pandora live? How does Adrian find this out?
Pandora lives on Elm Tree Avenue. Adrian knows it because he saw Pandora coming out of a house when
he was delivering newspapers.
• How did Adrian find out his parents were separating?

He found out his parents were separating when he heard his father speaking with his grandmother in the
• How did Adrian'sgrandmother feel about his parents' divorce?
She was quite happy that his parents were getting a divorce.
• Why did Adrian hide his father's shaving razor?
Because he thought he was suicidal.
• What did Adrian think after his weekend with Nigel?
He thought that weekend with Nigel had opened his eyes: he had lived in poverty for 14 years; he lived in a
horrible house, ate terrible food anddidn't get enough pocket money. He thought his father would have to
look for a better job.
• Why did Adrian tell his mother about his father and Doreen Slater?
He told her about Doreen because he wanted to make her jealous.
• What was Adrian's reaction when the postman told him that Adrian's mother was coming to visit on
He thought he would probably report the postman for reading...
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