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Anarys Marrero Torres
English 3103
Section 53
Should Homosexuals be Permitted to Serve in the Armed Forces?
Homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the armed forces for different reasons. Why not? Because of their sexual preference? I believe that homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the armed forces for the following reasons: they are normal people just likeheterosexuals, human beings with rights that just want to serve for our nation, also, as far as I know there is no law recruiting against the homosexuals serving in the armed forces and final but not least their sexual preference shouldn’t affect the ability to work. They have been excluded from our society since the beginning and I think it’s very unfair for them to tolerate people that see them in adifferent way just because of their sexual preference.
Homosexuals are human beings that have rights to work on whatever they want, just like heterosexuals. They are normal people that need respect and obviously a job so that they can live and succeed like everybody else. I don’t see why they can’t serve. The only thing that changes is the sexual preference, thing that’s harmful to our military.Because of their different sexual preference doesn’t mean they are more or less capable to serve in the armed forces than the heterosexuals. They can do their militant jobs just as well as a heterosexual person. If they are going to serve in the armed forces, they are going to work; they are not going to the armed forces searching for love or to get married. Not letting them serve in the armedforces is an unfair discrimination. To discriminate, in this case, is to make a distinction between the sexual preferences of the people. Discriminating homosexuals is like when people where discriminated
for their skin color especially black. This needs to stop. Discriminating people is a very bad thing and goes against the morals of the country.
In addition, as far as I know there is no lawthat recruits against homosexuals serving in the armed forces. The only thing that exists is a policy signed in by Bill Clinton on 1993 named the Don’t ask, Don’t tell policy. Under the policy, military officials would not try to find out the sexual orientation of the personnel, and gay and lesbian personnel would not reveal their sexual orientation openly. The government shouldn’t create a lawthat restricts that they can’t serve because it would be totally unfair that people that have the ability to serve and want to serve just because their homosexual, they can’t do it. People had told me that for being homosexuals they throw them out of the armed forces and I think that that is a cruel decision to make, judging them just because of their sexual preference and ignoring the skills thatthey have like every other person that wants to serve in the same thing.
People shouldn’t judge homosexuals because of their sexual preference. Some people are homophobic which means that they have an intense fear or dislike of homosexuals. This people can’t be close to a homosexual, literally if they see one they’ll start running. In the armed forces they have to shower together, eat together,and obviously work together and people that are homophobic can’t be even near them. The majority of the times the heterosexuals imagine that homosexuals are going to do something to them, to harass them, or follow them and physically abuse them. Some people just don’t believe that homosexuals should even exist. Others say that God made the woman and the man for each other, not the women for thewomen and the men for the men because the idea is for us to reproduce. These are possible reasons of why people don’t
want them to serve in the armed forces. Now, when they need people especially for a war or something similar, they take them no matter if there homosexuals. So if they take them when they really need them, why can’t they be allowed to serve? I think that none of the reasons I...
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