Human rights on detention centers

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Mission Statement
Millions of refugees and migrants flee persecution, armed
conflict, poverty or natural disasters in their homeland where
they can no longer find safety and security. Tens ofthousands
finds their way to Europe each year seeking protection and
assistance. Jesuit Refugee Service Europe shares the mission of
JRS International, which is to accompany forcibly displacedpersons, to serve them, and to advocate their cause. JRS takes
its inspiration from the Gospel values of justice and steadfast
love for those most marginalized. It is guided by the social
teachings of theCatholic Church.
JRS Europe aims to provide effective assistance to forced
migrants in Europe, to advocate respectful and fair treatment of
all migrants affected by European policy, and to defendaccess
to procedures that guarantee the realization of basic human
rights in full accord with international treaties. It carries out this
work in collaboration with JRS offices around the world,with
other churches and faiths, and with civil organizations
committed to the cause of refugees and forcibly displaced
people. JRS Europe has particular solicitude for those whose
needs are mosturgent and for those who are simply forgotten.

The members of JRS in Europe agree to the following principles:
A. Anyone who is fleeing from severe human rights violations
has an inalienable rightto seek protection in another
B. Individuals and their families shall not be punished,
administratively or criminally, for submitting an asylum claim
by the national authorities of thecountry to which they
seek protection,
C. Authorities of the countries of reception shall take the
utmost care to provide for the well-being and safety of
asylum applicants,
D. Children who seekasylum in another country, whether they
are accompanied or not, and by reasons of their physical
and mental vulnerability, require the provision of special
safeguards and care, including appropriate...
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