Idioms with colors

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• In the red: If you or your bank accounts are in the red, you owe money to the bank.
don’t want to spend money on these shoes, I’m in the red, I have to pay the rent .
• Roll out thecarpet for someone: to give special treatment to an important visitor.
When my aunt came home, I rolled out the red carpet for her, due to the fact that I love her so much.

• See red: to be veryangry.
Whenever I am sleeping and someone wakes me up, I see red, since I didn’t have the time to sleep well.

• Through rose-colored glasses: with an attitude that things are better than theyreally are.
when my mother receives a bad news, she always try to see through rose-colored glasses to have a better day.
• In the pink: to be in very good condition, physically and emotionally; to be ingood health.
Since my mother recovered of her disease, she has lived in the pink.

• In black and white: Fig. [of an agreement, contract, or statement] official, in writing or printing.
I haveit in black and white that I am entitled to have chemistry classes for the rest of my life.

• Black out: to pass out; to become unconscious.
About a month ago, my friend and I were watching ahorror movie, it was that scary, that I almost black out.

• Pot is calling the kettle back: You should not criticize someone for a fault that you have too.
My father always become mad at me becauseI lose the toothpaste lid , but people should see all the stuff that he lose on a single day, that’s the pot calling the kettle back.

• Give the green light to someone/something: to give permissionfor someone/something to happen.
I had to wait a week to get the green light from my mom to get my weekly stipend.

• Until you are blue in the face: if you say something until you are blue inthe face, you keep saying the same thing again and again but no one listens to you.
I have been studying for 2 months chemistry until I am blue in the face because I have to pass the subject, but I...
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