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Andrea Gallo de la Paz
“Anne Boleyn violated or used”
{draw:frame} Anne Boleyn was Queen of England thanks to King Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn was born in a novel family, butfor her family it wasn’t enough, they wanted more and more power, so they had the idea to get to the throne by using Anne´s charms, and her gift of seduction. At first Anne Boleyn did not like it, shethought it was dishonest and against her moral, but anyway her dad push her and gave her the idea that she could gain more power and could rule England. Anne was very ambitious she liked the idea ofruling England. Anne and her family worked very hard to get King Henry.
Anne´s sister Mary was married to Louis XII, but after he died her sister had to come back to her family, but Anne stayed inEngland for 7 more years. When King Henry VIII started noticing her he wanted her to be his mistress. Everyone thought it was only going to be one more mistress, but they were all wrong. At that timeHenry was marries to Catherine of Aragon. The King began to seek an annulment of his marriage to Catherine, making him free to marry again.
When Anne Boleyn first realized that Henry was after hershe didn’t like it, she thought it was dishonest, but then her dad started telling her how much power she could have and start putting pressure on her, she couldn’t resist she continue with her familyplan. Everyone says that Catherine was prettier that Anne and no one knows why Henry left Catherine if she had more class and style, but some say that it was just sexual attraction that Henry waslooking for with Anne. Anne agreed with the idea of just having something sexual, but after time she also wanted the power that he could bring it, so she decide to announce that she was pregnant to secureher position as Queen of England. Time after that she was pregnant again, but she had a miscarriage thanks to a jealousy attack. During the time she was married to Henry she had several affairs...
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