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Camarota, Steven A. “Illegal Immigrants and HR 3200: Estimate of Potential Costs to Taxpayers”.2010. <>.
This is a reliable source, and it give us good information about the cost of the ilegal immigrats in US, as we know this money came fromthe taxpayers so Camorota in this article let us know the amount, from studies that has been made.

Passel, Jefferey S. The Size and Characteristics of the Unauthorized. Aug. 2010.<>.
This article is written by passel and he is in a research center, so the information you can gather or look there is confinable. The author talk about thenegative impacts of immigrants and uses statistics in their writing.

Preston, Julia. "U.S. to Speed Deportation of Criminals in Jail." 2010. <>.This is an article of The New York Times, the author (Preston) wrote about how undocumented are now being in federal prisons, how the population of illegals in prisons is rising and the cost itgenerate at being in the government have to deported or carry back to their original country.

Hofner, Michael, Nancy Rytina, and Bryan C. Baker. Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant PopulationResiding in the United States. January 2008.
Excelent source, Hofner, Rytina and Baker gave us statistics of the immigration in the US. They gives approximately how many immigrants are in the US, wherethey came from, and expenses and cost the government use for the immigrants.

Dan Amato. "Impacts of Illegal Immigration: Crime Summary." Aug. 2010.
This article was helpful, I got the point of viewof Dan wich talk and gives his ideas about the negative impacts immigrants do in US, he doesn’t mention anything than negative issues about Illegal immigrants.

Wallis, Jim; “Arizona’s Immigration...
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