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Basic English Course Review

Verb to be (are, is, am) I He She It You We They

1. Which ones are the 1st person pronouns? am isare

2. Which ones are the 3rd person pronouns?

Instructions: Write 3 sentences using first person and another 3 sentences more using 3rd person. (Don’t forget to apply verbto be in your sentences).

1st person

a. I like eat

b. I bought a car

c. I played cards

3rd person

a. we buy burgers

b. they went to thesquare

c. you smoke daily

Possessive nouns

Name the seven possessive adjectives:


2. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.7.

Instructions: Underline with red the possessive case or noun and with yellow the possessive adjectives you find in the paragraph.

Dear Brandon,

I write you this letter to tell youthat on my next holidays, on summer I will travel to Europe and I want you to come with me. I am going to visit my parent’s friends. I can arrive to their place because they have spare rooms; thoserooms are their son’s bedrooms. One of them, his name is Matt, his bedroom is the biggest one of all, then their daughter’s name is Katie, her bedroom is the medium one and it has a plasma TV on it,so it is very comfortable. I plan to travel on my own, but if you want to come, please come and join me! Our friendship is enough to spend our vacations together. Reply my letter as soon aspossible please! Take care.



Information Questions

Instructions: Answer the questions below using the paragraph’s information on the top.

a. Who does Matthiew inviteto his holidays?



b. Where does Matthiew plan to travel on his vacations?

Go to visit her parent’s...
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