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Exchange 2007 Technical Overview
Brennon Kwok TSP – Messaging & RTC Microsoft Singapore

Exchange Roadmap Update
2005 2006


Available Now
Exchange 2003 SP2 E12 TechnologyAdoption Program ExBPA v2.5, add’l tools Hosted Exchange FrontBridge services Sybari AV

Mid 2006
E12 Beta 2

Late 2006/Early 2007
E12 planned availability Control Access Protection E12-optimizedservices

December 2005
E12 Beta 1

Exchange “12” Themes
IT Pro Situation
E-mail is mission critical E-mail systems too complex/ expensive Management tasks tedious, not automated

Info WorkerSituation
Users want easy access to all their communications Mobile devices are increasingly common Calendaring is frustrating

Org-wide Situation
Security the top concern Spam & virusescompromise the email experience Regulatory compliance critical in many industries



Active protection

Access Information Worker Inbox Productivity
• “Unified Messaging” - one inbox– Email – Fax – Voicemail

• Calendar Concierge
– Calendar Attendant – Resource Booking Attendant – Scheduling Assistant

• SharePoint and file share document access • Search


Scheduling Assistant

E12 Outlook Web Access

The Outlook Experience
• Outlook on the desktop
– Outlook 12 – richest experience – Outlook 2003, Outlook XP also supported

•Outlook Web Access – Outlook companion • Outlook Mobile and Exchange ActiveSync
– Windows Mobile devices – Devices from Palm, Motorola, Nokia…

• Outlook Voice Access – call into Exchange
– Anyphone – Speech recognition or touchtone – Speech recognition-enabled auto-attendant

E12 Outlook Voice Access

Exchange Server “12” UM Architecture
How it works

Unified Messaging Call Answeringwith a VoIP Gateway
Step 5 Step 4 Step 3 Step 2 Step 6

Step 1

Outlook Voice Access to Unified Messaging

VoIP Gateway Vendors
• VoIP gateway vendors with Microsoft partnerships
• • •...
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