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Subject: Intermediate English I

Tutorial: Environmental Grantmakers Association

Teacher: Silvia Bustamante Ruiz

Xavier Alaña
Valeria Guerrero
Danilo LLorente

The Environmental Grantmakers Association was formed in 1987 following a meeting of environmental funders in Washington, DC to discuss common interests and to learn abouteach other’s programs. As a result of the enthusiasm generated at the meeting, 12 member foundations from across the United States made plans for future gatherings, exchanged grants lists, and published a directory of foundation program interests. Subsequent meetings reaffirmed the group’s interest in facilitating increased communication among Grantmakers through EGA. Over 20 years later, ourmembership spans more than 200 foundations from around the world, spanning large and small in terms of giving level and staff size, and includes public, private that are concerned with protecting the environment. In 2007, EGA member organizations collectively held approximately $200 billion in assets and gave more than one billion dollars to environmental causes.
Over the years, EGA has continued itsenormously successful flagship event, the annual Fall Retreat. In addition, it has started and nurtured working groups and responsive projects; held Federal, State, and Regional Policy Briefings; produced numerous research publications for members, including a peer-edited semi-annual EGA Journal; organized a variety of lectures, site visits, leadership trainings, and other events; maintainedvibrant email listservs for the quick sharing of ideas and questions; implemented organizational reviews and strategic plans; facilitated community and collaboration through the work of volunteer committees; and supported and challenged the membership in their work. EGA is an affinity group of the Council on Foundations. It is not a grantmaking organization.
Those We Serve
EGA serves a broad swath ofthe environmental funding community. We are a growing, diverse, international organization comprising foundations, giving programs, and major individual donors concerned with protecting the environment. Our membership spans those large and small, in terms of giving level and staff size, and includes public, community, family, and corporate foundations. EGA members gave more than $1 billion to avariety of environmental issues domestically and internationally in 2007. This represented 38% of the U.S. environmental philanthropic community.
What unites EGA members is a commitment to a world with healthy, equitable, and sustainable ecosystems, communities, and economies.
Entities that grant funds but do not act primarily as grant-making institutions are not eligible for membership.Mission
EGA works with members and partners to promote effective environmental philanthropy by sharing knowledge, fostering debate, cultivating leadership, facilitating collaboration, and catalyzing action. 
The Environmental Grantmakers Association envisions a high-impact network of environmental funders working to achieve a sustainable world.
Recognizing the importance of diverseperspectives, the organization values ecological integrity, justice, environmental stewardship, inclusivity, transparency, accountability, respect and balancing pragmatism with idealism. EGA will strive to “walk the talk” with all of its resources and focus.

Ultimate Goal
The ultimate goal of the Environmental Grantmakers Association and its members is a world with healthy, equitable, andsustainable ecosystems, communities, and economies.

EGA's most valuable contribution to our members is the opportunity to forge alliances with other funders. As a network of environmental funders, we encourage members to contact each other to exchange ideas, ask questions, and collaborate strategically on issues of common interest. Here, environmental funders can create a profile to...
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