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absorbing well Abyssinian well air lock anchor (n.) anchorage (n.) anchor span arch (n.) arch dam arched truss a well for draining off surface water and conducting it to absorbent earth underground. Also called"dry well, waste well." a perforated pipe driven into the ground for pumping out collected ground water; wellpoint. Civ. Eng. an airtight chamberpermitting passage to or from a space, as in a caisson, in which the air is kept under pressure. any device for securing a suspension or cantilever bridge at either end. (in a suspension bridge) a massive masonry or concrete construction securing a cable at each end. (on a suspension or cantilever bridge) a span from an anchorage to the nearest pier or tower. a dam construction having the form of abarrel vault running vertically with its convex face toward the impounded water. a dam resisting the pressure of impounded water by an arch principle, esp. a dam having in plan the form of a single arch abutted by natural rock formations. a truss having an archlike form but unlike a true arch in that it is free to move horizontally at its base, as in expanding or contracting because of temperaturechanges. Cf. braced arch. a mixture of such substances with gravel, crushed rock, or the like, used for paving. material used for refilling an excavation. to refill (an excavation). a revetment, consisting of heavy material sewn into bags, for protecting embankments against scour. a temporary bridge formed of prefabricated, interchangeable, steel truss panels bolted together. an embankment forbuttressing the base of a levee and forming a berm. Civ. Engin. an artificial obstruction in a watercourse to increase the depth of the water, facilitate irrigation, etc. a device operating like a balance or seesaw, esp. an arrangement of a movable bridge by which the rising floor or section is counterbalanced by a weight. a foundation surface of earth or rock supporting a track, pavement, or the like:Example: a gravel bed for the roadway. a broad, flexible strip of rubber, canvas, wood, etc., moved along the surface of a fresh concrete pavement to put a finish on it after it has been floated. Civ. Eng. a transverse frame, as of a bridge or an aqueduct, designed to support either vertical or horizontal loads. a road covered with blacktop. pertaining to or surfaced with blacktop: Example: ablacktop driveway.

asphalt (n.) backfill (n.) backfill (v.t.) bagwork (n.) Bailey bridge banquette (n.) barrage (n.) bascule (n.) bed (n.) belt (n.) bent (n.) blacktop (n.) blacktop (adj.)

blinding (n.) boil (n.) bolster (n.) bore (v.t.)

a layer of sand or fine gravel for filling the gaps in the surfaces of a road or pavement, as one of crushed and compacted stone. an unwanted flow of waterand solid matter into an excavation, due to excessive outside water pressure. a structural member on which one end of a bridge truss rests. to form, make, or construct (a tunnel, mine, well, passage, etc.) by hollowing out, cutting through, or removing a core of material: Example: to bore a tunnel through the Alps; to bore an oil well 3000 feet deep. a pit from which construction material, assand or gravel, is taken for use as fill at another location. pavement made with small boulders. an arch of steel, timber, etc., having a trusslike framework maintaining rigidity under a variety of eccentric loads: a true arch because it is fixed or tied at both sides of the base. Cf. arched truss. the act or process of removing and disassembling equipment that has been used in drilling a well. astructure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like. Civ. Engin. the art or process of bridge building. (in a dam) a concave surface at the foot of a spillway for deflecting the downward flow of water. the construction of bulkheads; bulkheads in general. to clear, level, or reshape the contours of (land) by or as if by using a bulldozer: Example: to bulldoze a building...
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