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Meetings with Applied Dissertation Chairs*
One of the highlights of the summer conference is the one-on-one meeting that each student has with his or
her dissertation committee chair. With much of the doctoral program being online, these face-to-face meetings
give students the opportunity to develop a rapport with the person with whom they will be working throughout
the dissertation process.The student and chair will work on content-related aspects of the dissertation. These
meetings are scheduled in advance by dissertation committee chairs and will convene on Thursday at times
indicated in the daily schedule in Ballroom of the Americas A and Fantasia Ballroom G–H. Appointments will
be scheduled in 55-minute intervals.
*You must have a prearranged appointment if you wish to speakwith your dissertation chair.
2012 Conference on Global Leadership, Learning, and Research
Opening Session and Welcome
FSE welcomes all students, administration, faculty and staff members, and honored guests to the 2012 Conference
on Global Leadership, Learning, and Research. Please join us on Monday, July 9, from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. in
Fantasia Ballroom G–J for welcome remarks from H.Wells Singleton, Ph.D., FSE dean, and guest speaker
George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D., NSU president and chief executive officer.
Repeated Presentations
Many presentations will be repeated. See Part Four: Presentations for dates, times, and locations of each session.
Research Leaders’ Forum
FSE is hosting a Research Leaders’ Forum during the General Session on Tuesday, July 10, from 8:00 to 9:30 Fantasia Ballroom G–J. Research leaders from the field of education are represented as follows: Adaptive
Curriculum; BrainSMART, Inc.; Discovery Education; Florida Virtual School; National Institute for School
Leadership (NISL); ScholarCentric; Silverback Learning Solutions, Inc.; SSA International; and The Pacific
Institute. Each research leader will present an overview of theorganization, the scholarly research agenda of the
organization, and the accomplishments of the organization in applied research. This innovative offering will
provide a unique learning opportunity for FSE doctoral students while enriching and broadening the Conference
on Global Leadership, Learning, and Research agenda.
Research Leaders’ Sessions
Research Leaders’ Sessions will focus on applications,trends, and best practices in research within the organization.
Presentation of the major research studies conducted by the organization will be showcased, including, but not
limited to, purpose, needs analysis, research questions, methodology, data analysis, results, organizational impact,
research sustainability, and future directions. Application of real-world investigative studies andprojects will
be highlighted as doctoral students work toward attainment of an exemplary dissertation grounded in empirical
research and inquiry. These sessions will be held on Tuesday, July 10, at times and locations indicated in the
program book.
Student Expo—Emerging Scholarly Research and Poster and Networking Session
The Student Expo presents a unique learning and networking event that bringstogether international researchers
and doctoral students in a forum where researchers, students, alumni, and dissertation chairs can discuss
international trends in education from pre-K to higher education. Through the networking event, students will
be able to speak individually with researchers from countries around the world and recent graduates to make
connections, look for future researchideas, or discover new opportunities for collaboration.
Research areas include pre-K to 12 education (including public, private, and charter education), higher education,
organizational leadership, speech-language pathology (and related fields), instructional technology, distance
education, training and organizational development, and cross-cultural competency. This session will be on...
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