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Keypad based HMI with PLC

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Back View HIO005

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Full integrated HMIs with I/O featuring :
All features of Prizm LCD Operator Interfaces Integrated Digital Inputs and Outputs with optional Analog I/O Digital Inputs and Outputs rated for 24 V DC Analog Inputs for RTD, mV and mA. Analog Output is 4-20 mA Inputs connectable to PLC or used forinternal program Support for Ladder Logic and Analog control High Speed Counters and Timers Dual Port Support for connecting to a PLC / Printer / SCADA / Drive Common Programming software for the entire HIO family.........FREE!! IP65 design. CE and UL certified

Automation Simplified

Possible Applications :
HIO controllers can be used in applications across many industries. Typicalconfigurations include the following : Switches




Digital Inputs










ta gi

n lI



Limit Switch

DC Outputs

Analog Inputs

O ut pu ts

Analo g Outputs
Co m. Po rt


o al


Strip Chart Recorder



Machine Control Application :

HIO140 Packaging Machine
*Images not to Scale.

Basic HIO Operations :
The HIO unit has Prizm (Operator interface) as well as programmable logic features. The user can implement logic, specific to application using standard Ladder programming. The HIO unit has four 32-bit High Speed Counters (Normal and Quadrature Mode), Rate measurement capability (max. up to 25kHz), Timers and Counters, Internal Coils, retentive andnonretentive memory and PID functionality. A PLC logic task can be programmed for continuous scanning, or only when a specific screen is showing. The user can also include a Programmable logic task in power on as well as Global task. The HIO operator interface functions revolve around Screens and Tasks that can be assigned to keys, screens and application. The HIO can also display an Alarmconditions. Supported Tasks are listed below: • Go to Screen • Print Data • Go to Next Screen • Set RTC • Go to Previous Screen • Copy Tag to STR • Write value to Tag • Copy Tag to LED • Add a constant value to Tag • Delay • Subtract a constant value • Wait form Tag • Copy Prizm block to • Add Tag B to Tag A Prizm / PLC block • Subtract Tag B to Tag A • Copy Prizm/PLC block • Turn Bit On to Prizm block• Turn Bit Off • Copy RTC to • Toggle Bit PLC block • Copy Tag B to Tag A • Execute PLC Logic • Swap Tag A and Tag B block Digital I/O The HIO Keypad series can have up to 16 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs on the unit. Digital inputs are high impedance 24 V DC and outputs are either relay (NO), open collector or a combination of both. The Digital I/O capability of HIO units can be expandedusing external add on I/O Modules. Analog I/O The HIO controllers can have up to 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. Analog inputs are mA, mV and RTD. Analog outputs are 420 mA. The Analog I/O capability of HIO units can be expanded using external add on I/O Modules. PID The built-in PID controller can process 12 independent inputs in addition to the Analog inputs of the unit. The input to the PIDController is a data register, which can hold an analog input or any other value. Keys Task Keys in HIO can be assigned Tasks for three instances: when the key is pressed , while the key is pressed and when the key is released. Multiple tasks can be assigned to a key. Also different screens can have different key definitions. In addition to above-mentioned tasks, Key’s specific tasks can bedefined for keys. These include tasks for data entry, alarm management etc. These definitions allow complete flexibility in cursor control and key operations when changing data. Screens Up to 65535 screens can be defined in HIO. Screen Tasks can be assigned before showing a screen, while showing a screen and after hiding a screen. Various types of objects such as plain text objects, Data display...
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