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English homework

Name: Edwin R. Paul Ruales
Curso: 2º Bach. FM

Pairs: Do research on a common or interesting form of transportation. It Can be in your country or somewhere else in the world.Create to poster. Use Below the steps as a guide. Share your poster with the class.

1.-Choose the form of transportation you want to write about
2.-Discuss These questions:
. Where do people useit?
. What does it look like?
. Appear When did it first?
. What is special about?
3.-Find pictures for your topics.
4.-Create a mini-poster with the information and pictures That You Gathered5.-Show your poster to your classmates

Ecuador Railroad:

Where do people use it?
Ecuador is currently in use as tourist transport but years ago it was used as a means of transport to travel fromone city to another

What does it look like?
looks like a worm so you could call iron wheels in the form of rings of a bicycle which go by rail lines that are where the rings fit the wheels andpreventing diversion rail, rail body consists of cars where people sit and where there are special cars where you place your bags or luggage of people boarding.
When did it first Appear?

RichardTrevithick, a young mining engineer in Cornwall, the 90 eighteenth century was thrilled with the idea of the steam car and prepared in his workshop a couple of small models of locomotives. Trevithick,between 1801 and 1804 completed its first large steam car, a huge iron box on wheels with a fireplace in the center, around which were installed more seats for passengers. Placed on the rails his steamengine, and walked nine miles and a half to four hours and five minutes. Here is the first locomotive. Years later he presented the second, but not too successful. People were convinced that thewheels skid on the smooth surface as they increase their weight and so was born the first time the railroad.
In Ecuador, first saw a railroad through the then President Eloy Alfaro, who was the one who...
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