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It is called a series of train cars or cars that usually run on-line lanes of rail permanent for transport of cargo or passengers from one place to another.. However, there are road trains . The train can go by rail (conventional trains), or other means intended and designed for magnetic levitation . They may have one or more locomotives are capable ofbeing coupled head or push pull configuration (one head and another in the queue) and cars, or be motor cars in which case (all or some) are self-propelled. Then varies as the propulsion of trains, primarily according to their use.
Then the classification can be of trains into two general categories: those driven by a motor and those electromagnetic pulse, which is still experimental. Although thisdocumentation varies according to circumstances and the technology used in the engine of the train because the train has gone through many facets of progress in world history, as discussed below, and has even had a great influence on the development of many societies around the globe, their use and importance vary with the time the analysis is situated. The train has formed an essential part ofmany nations and presented a great advantage in a matter of industrialization, compared with countries that had and have been without this factor of transport included in their history.

A ship or boat is any construction concave and spindle of wood , metal or fiberglass or other material that can form floating in the water and used as means of transport . Ship, therefore, is a generic termthat can refer either to a small canoe like a massive aircraft carrier . However, being strict with this definition, a raft made with planks or logs together is not considered a boat (a floating platform). Those boats with one or more decks whose size, strength or power is adequate for major shipping activities, are called vessels .
Ships currently use modern communications systems, ranging fromsatellite locators to report their position in real time, to have a voice connection, data or fax and email. What has been implemented is the communication by satellite communications systems, for which we have two systems that are very important: the Cospas-Sarsat system and invarsat c , the former has a coverage of the entire globe and the Inmarsat C system has a coverage lat70 lat70 ° n ° sallowing us to have a press trip.
For which these two systems listed above allow the use of beacons Epirus (are locator systems) these systems are components of GMSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety, smss).

Taxi is the car rental with driver (driver) used in the public service of passenger transport, which aims to move one or more persons, jointly engaged the service and generally makeshort trips or media within population centers. Unlike other types of citizen public transportation, such as metro, tram or bus, the service offered by the taxi is characterized by door to door.
The cars used as taxis vary for different cities. In most cases, they are normal cars, medium size, with capacity for three passengers in the rear and, if necessary, a passenger beside the driver. They alsohave space for luggage and other packages.
The colors that differed initially taxis are yellow and black. However, at present only some cities have these colors in their cabs, such as Barcelona , Bombay , Buenos Aires , Montevideo , Santiago de Chile or Puebla de Zaragoza . In the Mexican city of Guadalajara are yellow with blue. In London taxis were completely black (now all colors), and othercities are exclusively yellow, as in New York , Istanbul , Damascus , Bogotá or Athens . In most towns, however, use different colors, or a combination thereof, often striking.
In some places, taxis can be a distinctive addition to the color of its body, differentiate them from private cars. In many places it is a different color plate enrollment. In others:
* In France have a neon sign in the...
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