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A. Read and choose the correct answer according to the text (answer the questions with red letters)

Mario and Sally are Italian dancers. They usually dance in special programs on TV and travelto different parts of the world to do their dancing. They also enjoy doing street dancing; they love to see people admiring their dance. Mario and Sally are married and are very happy. They havetwo children that they love very much. Dancing gives Mario and Sally a good living and they are very happy doing this. They met 15 years ago while they were in college. Both of them studybusiness administration, but right now they dance for living. In the future Mario and Sally are going to stop dancing and open a store. Sally say’s that she is very happy with Mario, because he is awonderful husband.

1. What Sally and Mario do for living?

• They dance ( V )

• They sing ( )

• They play the guitar ()

• They sell books ( )

2. How many children do Mario and Sally have?

• 4 ( )

• 6 ( )

• 2 ( V )

3. What did Mario andSally study in colloge?

• Doctor ( )

• Business administration ( V )

• Dancers( )

4. What plans does Mario and Sally have for the future

• Continue their dancing ( V )

• Open a Chinese restaurant ( )

• Open astore ( )

B. Read and choose the correct answer: Meet a rock star (Grammar - Contractions) (answer the questions with red letters) (answer the short way –contractions)

1. Where are you from?

• I’m from Bogota ( V )

• I am from Bogota ( )

2. Where is your mother?

• She’s working ( V...
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