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A - Lea la siguiente noticia y marque las transparencias (palabras al castellano).
|Last updated at 14:31 BST, Friday, 23 October 2009 |
|Silent phonecalls |
|When you pick up a ringing phone and hear silence at the other end, it can be frightening. However, most of these calls are |
|made not by villains but by computers at call centres. Now in the UK such centres could be fined up to £2m for causing |
|Report |
|It's an annoying thing many households have to tolerate - answering the phone to find nobody on the other end of the line. They|
|are often from a company'scall centre which uses automatic dialling in the hope of selling you something. But if there aren't |
|enough staff on hand to speak, the call into your home stays silent. |
|Industry regulator, Ofcom, says it's a breach of their guidelines for businesses who make persistent unwanted phone calls.  And|
|now those caught breaking the lawcould face fines of £2m. |
|David Hickson, campaigner: 'We don't know how much ofa deterrent it will be. The point is that the action point of Ofcom should|
|be to stop people from making silent calls, not just to penalise them.' |
|Despite previous attempts to solvethis,almost half of the UK still receives silent phone calls. So officials will hope the |
|threat of a bigger fine can help eradicate it. |

B - Subraye el núcleo de las siguientes frases sustantivas y luego marque la mejor traducción.
( 10 pts.)
1/ AN ANNOYING THING:    a- un objeto molesto,  b- algo incómodo
2/AUTOMATIC DIALLING:   a- discando automático, b- discado automático.
3/ PERSISTENT UNWANTED PHONE CALLS:   a- persistentes llamadas telefónicas no deseadas, b- llamadas telefónica buscadas permanentemente
4/ A DETERRENT: a- un elemento disuasivo, b- un detonante
5/ A BREACH OF THEIR GUIDELINES: a- un incumplimiento de sus directivas, b- un cumplimiento de sus directivas

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C- Subraye el sufijo y/o prefijo e indique cuáles son las palabras en inglés de las que derivan. (2 x 2 pts. = 4 pts.)


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D- Escriba el PLURAL de las siguientes palabras (5 x 2 = 10 pts.)


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 E - Encuentre en el texto A dos oraciones con ejemplos de adjetivos posesivos y subráyelos. (10...
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