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The insecurity in Monterrey
The insecurity now is very high and noticeable. We can see around the world a lot of insecurity, but today we can live this near us in our on city, Monterrey.Monterrey is not a safe and secure place to live with your family.
Today we can see much insecurity; we can see many lives end, many lives that are damaged, physically or psychologically, we can see howbuildings are destroyed. We also see how the percentage of stolen cars has grown a lot, only in this year the number stolen cars have grown a 55%, this means that 83,477 insured cars have been stolen.On July of this year there has been an estimated of 2,000 car assaults, while on 2007, in the same month, it hardly had 2 assaults, we can see how this have grown a lot. Now we are not secure on thestreets, even on our cars.
The levels of kidnapping have also grown a lot. On these days we can see the streets at night a lot more alone than a year ago. Now there are different kinds ofkidnapping, they can kidnap you for long time until they get their money, or they could just take you to a bank and ask you to get an amount of money and leave you. Around 70 people have been rescued fromkidnapping so far this year.
Not only the robbing and the kidnapping percentage have grown in the last year, but also the deaths. We can see how this people are acting completely inhuman, they don’tcare about other people’s lives. They can kill people and torture them just for money and power. More than a thousand people have been executed during this year by the fights between criminals and theauthority. On August, of this year, there was an attack to a casino in which more than 50 people died, and a lot more got injured while playing peacefully, all this innocent people died or gotseverely injured because of a problem they didn’t even knew.
In the end, we can see by our own eyes that Monterrey is now full of insecurity, we can see that most of the people fear of going out, I say...
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