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The human evolution had to do with the cultural and biological development of the species Homo sapiens, the human Being current, descendant of the same family of the gorillas and the chimpanzees. Nevertheless, the systems of classification locate to the large apes (gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans) in another family, different but parallel to that of the man, for that reason we sharecertain physical characteristics with them.
One of the characteristics that differentiate the human beings of the remainder of the animals, is that the man has dominated to the nature for his benefit. Its erect position and the development of its brain, they permitted that the human beings: developed the language articulated to be communicated with other men and, the employment of its hands for theproduction of tools that facilitated the obtaining of its food (in this way the work coordinated step to form splits essential of the human life
The phase of the savagery this characterized by large miserable efforts by surviving due to that the food was scarce and alone the strongest had the possibility of living. Later, with the discovery of the fire, the man could cook his food for a betterperformance. The apparition of the art, the invention of the arch and the arrow and the development of the language, they permitted to elevate the quality of life of the human beings in this phase.
The barbarism is initiated with the apparition of the pottery, the domestication of animals, the human settlements, the employment of the writing, the rise of the social classes, etc. The firstdivision of social classes (esclavistas-slaves) for Gomezjara itself due to that there were groups that seized the social wealth and of the work of the majority.
The Asian Way of production has its origins in the settlements near the rivers Tigris, Nile, Euphrates and Yellow, is characterized for the irrigation techniques innovation for the cultivation, the administration of the power through the Stateand a political despotism.
The man as such, had always the need to unite collectively for the satisfaction of its needs. The family is a basic social group created by family ties or present marriage in all the companies. Ideally, the family provides to her member protection, company, security and socialization. In the origins the family (related by blood) did not they exist you differentiatesexual between parents and children, neither between sisters and brothers, from there that in this type of families dominated the promiscuous character in spite of the fact that to exist a relationship.
In the family punalúa there is an advance since the reproduction between parents and children (incest) already badly seen and even punished. So much in the family punalúa as the related by bloodone dominated the matriarchy, in fact alone the mothers could do that distinction, between its children and the children of the others.
Later the family appears sisdiásmica, in her several families live and they share a same place, but already there is a distinction among couple, that is to say.
Already in the family monogámica there is a great change, since these no longer they are governed forthe matriarchy as in the previous, but here already they are governed for the patriarchy, that is to say that the men are the ones that carry the command in the house. In her: the individual homes for each couple appear, they begin the stereotype of couples, the man this fact to work and the woman for the man, the adultery this prohibited and punished rigorously, etc.
Inside the capitalism onethe family plays a very important role since he is in her where he can reproduce the ways of thought (ideology) of a generation to another. Thus for example to bias give it family goes forming the boy to enter to the hard-working class and to the girl to be remained in her house and to maintain it clean. The women pass to be a great sector consumer since passes to be an object of beauty that...
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