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|become |to turn into, to develop |
| |into |
|[pic] |get a better job |to improve one's occupation or job level within a company or at another company |
|[pic] |get in shape |to improve one's body or physical condition |
|[pic] |get married |to become legallyunited to a man or woman |
|[pic] |goal |a specific thing one wants to do in the future, a purpose |
|[pic] |join a club |to get a membership to a group or organization |
|[pic] |join a gym |to get membership to a fitness center|
|[pic] |lose weight |to reduce one's weight through diet or exercise |
|[pic] |make more money |to get an increase in salary or wage |
|[pic] |move |to change the place where one lives|
|[pic] |own |to have as property |
|[pic] |quit smoking |to stop the habit of smoking cigarettes |
|[pic] |successful |having reached one's goal or completed a task as desired ||[pic] |take a break |to relax for a short time |

|Heroes |
|[pic|activist |a person who works to make something better, especially in politics or society |
|] || |
|[pic|admire |to respect or want to become like someone |
|] | | |
|[pic|charities |organizations thatprovide money and other services without charge, usually to those less |
|] | |fortunate |
|[pic|dangerous |harmful, not safe |
|] | ||
|[pic|donate |to give something without receiving money |
|] | | |
|[pic|evil |extremely bad, wicked|
|] | | |
|[pic|hero |a person admired for bravery or great deeds |
|] | ||
|[pic|intelligent |able to learn, understand, and use information quickly and easily, smart |
|] | | |
|[pic|leader |the person in control, a person who directs a group |
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