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During Hernandez’s stay in Mexico City, he started to notice that he felt confortable in other country, Mexico was the country of theirparents but he wasn’t Mexican so he decided to search his “Mexican identity”. Be related with people was one of the main activities of the author, in order he can adapt to a huge city.Even their parents were “Mexicans”, Hernandez had a vague idea of how Mexico and their people were, and he was full of stereotypes. Suddenly, Hernandez change completely his mind ofthe Mexican, he discovered that there wasn’t just a kind of Mexicans because there were many Mexican identities.

Everywhere Hernandez went, everywhere Hernandez talked to people.The interaction with Mexican people was immediately since his first arrive to Mexico City, when he was in a soccer match, he discovered that the Mexicans were passionate somethingthat he never imagined. Walk around the city, go to pilgrimages, and eat everywhere around the city, made him knew people, from drug consumers to important bloggers and musicians;this was the key to adapt to Mexico City. Also he noticed differences between Mexicans, people that have different hair style, different believes, and different thoughts and adifferent dress code, so the Mexican identity he was looking turned difficult.

His job was a fundamental for his way to the Mexican identity because if Hernandez hadn’t find a job inMexico, he would be obligated to return to the USA to find a job, fortunately he find a job in Mexico city that permitted him be in a city that he was loving more and more during thepass of the time.

I think that Hernandez change his way of thinking about Mexicans, because he made many Mexican friends each one different from another, so the Mexican identity
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