Ip telephony

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IP Telephony in Ecuador

Telephony is the way in which people communicate nowadays by voice. Before the telephone was invented, people use to communicate by fire or a light from a torch. Native Americans actually develop a more complex system of signaling with fire by controlling the release of the smoke, but such smoke signals also had their limitations. Another way to send a message betweenplaces that weren’t too far apart was to use sounds better than the human voice. African tribes used drums to communicate. The way they used to get messages across from place to place was by foot, but once they learned how to use horses the messengers could get the message much faster. One hundred year ago, when the first telephone was invented, no person could imagine that someday there will be atelephony that improves multimedia communication and with low cost inversion. The internet is reaching every corner of the world so far and here is where IP telephony is born. For over four decades, the voice has been digitally encoded at 64 Kb /per second that can be transported to 64 channels of Kb /per second. However, technological advances in voice encoding allows a wide range of options, forexample, 5-8 Kb / s audio quality than the 64 Kb / s, which is why telecommunication companies today have  various options to provide services of mobile. One of these services is IP telephony which is developed over IP. The invention of the telephone has made our lives much easier. The telephone was the most important invention of the 1800’s. The telephone was invented in the 1870’s by AlexanderGraham Bell (Figure 1). By inventing the telephone, Alexander changed the way people lived. Population in those years didn’t even think of internet. The IP telephony combines two worlds that are different such as the transmission of voice and data. These two carry voice, data previously converted between two distant points. This will allow data networks user to make the phone calls and also todevelop a network that a only link takes care of all types of communication, whether voice or data. IP telephony is a system that is rapidly expanding, which is to use IP networks to provide voice transmission services that are equivalent to the traditional services of public switched telephone network. IP telephony is part of a set of technologies known as multi-service networks, which integratedata, voice and video, allowing the realization of ordinary telephone calls over IP networks. Due to globalization development countries are implementing IP telephony in order to get more benefits. Ecuador should start using this technology to reduce the costs in communication, making international call with improvements such as file sharing, video call, and voice notes that will also reduce the useof wires and help the environment.
The investment for the telephony that can be used is more expensive than IP telephony. The communication by circuit commutation is the one that almost the majority of houses use. In Ecuador there are 14, 7 million cell phone lines and 2 million conventional telephone lines according to the National Communication Company. At the beginning, each call that youmade needed to have a cable that connected the other point of communication. In the 60´s, for example, to make a call from Chile to the United States the operators needed to make a track of cables to communicate from Chile all the way through to United States. Consequently, these primitive connections which facilitated communication resulted expensive and tedious. Actually, the connection process ofIP telephony results to be better because the voice is digitized and travels in fiber glass cables. An IP call can be processed with a 64 kbps. This number means the quality and velocity in which the voice travels.
The operators use fewer cables so this is the answer for why IP communication, which is better and faster, results with lower costs. The few cables are due to the internet data...
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